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Sunday,  Feb 15 - 6:00PM 
Bob Gluck, piano
Textures and Pulsations in Concert: Bob Gluck and Special Guest image

Music by this two keyboard duo is a colorful, virtuosic brew of subtly shifting textures, lyrical melodies, and great grooves. Traveler's advisory: many musical boundary crossings. The duo freely draws upon any, all, or none of the various musical traditions that they each know and love. After their first concert, the two both said: “let’s do this again!” Writing about their 2012 CD “Textures and Pulsations” (Ictus Records), Michael McDowell (Blitz Magazine) comments: "The ambitious duo has taken to the road less traveled, with remarkable results… [and] inadvertently struck a chord of solidarity with a much wider musical demographic. For in doing so, they have succinctly made a case for standing in accord with the universal theme of striving for excellence.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Sunday,  Feb 15 - 8:30PM 
Billy Newman, host

Leandro Fortes, guitar;  Anibal Rojas, tenor sax;  Laura Metcalf, cello;  Leco Reis, bass;  Alex Kautz, drums;  Michel Gentile, flue
New Brazilian Perspectives: Leandro Fortes Sextet image

Leandro Fortes is a composer and guitar player coming to Cornelia street Cafe from his home in the City of Florianópolis (Santa Catarina, Brazil). His Sound has strong roots in Brazilian music but also draws on influences from Brazil's South American neighbors and, beyond its immediate borders, from West Africa to produce a rich and culturally diverse sound. According to Italian newspaper Il Manifesto, “his group is organic, with a very strong individuality, but also with an elaborate universal poetic”. Fortes has already performed at important music festivals such as: Festival Jazz en Lima (Peru), Cascavel Jazz Festival, Oficina de Música de Curitiba, and has toured over many Brazilian cities under the sponsorship of SESC. 

Last year, he performed at Museum of Contemporary Arts in Chicago, United States. 

Leandro Fortes has performed with many artists including: André Mehmari (VISA Award 1999), Vinícius Dorin, Izabel Padovani (VISA Award 2005) and Gina Roche., The guitarist has been considered as one of the most important musicians in the south of Brasil. According to newspaper Diário Catarinense “He is the name for jazz on the island”.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Monday,  Feb 16 - 6:00PM 
Paul Hecht, assembler

Thomas Adcock, Journalist author;  Jed Distler , pianist composer;  Paul Hecht, actor;  Cynthia Darlow, actor;  J. R. Horne
Hecht on Hecht image
Ben Hecht (1894–1964) was an American screenwriter, director, producer, playwright, journalist and novelist. Called "the Shakespeare of Hollywood", he received screen credits, alone or in collaboration, for the stories or screenplays of some seventy films and as a prolific storyteller, authored thirty-five books and created some of the most entertaining screenplays and plays in America.

He became an active Zionist shortly before the Holocaust began in Germany, and as a result wrote articles and plays about the plight of European Jews, such as, We Will Never Die in 1943 and A Flag is Born in 1946. Of his seventy to ninety screenplays, he wrote many anonymously to avoid the British boycott of his work in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The boycott was a response to Hecht's active support of paramilitary action against British forces in Palestine and sabotaging British property there, during which time a supply ship to Palestine was named the S. S. Ben Hecht.

Paul Hecht will read from "1001 Chicago Afternoons," a collection of the late Ben Hecht's newspaper columns. Both men—unrelated, born of different times and places—possess unique voices. Voices rich enough, each in its way, to render the tones and textures of the American urban ruckus.

 $15 includes a drink, food menu available 

Monday,  Feb 16 - 8:30PM 
Matt Parker, tenor sax;  Alan Hampton, bass;  Reggie Quinerly, drums
Matt Parker Trio image

Brooklyn-based saxophonist Matt Parker returns to Cornelia Street Café with the musicians featured on his debut album Worlds Put Together (BYNK Records), which has been receiving raves since its release. Downbeat Magazine named 'Worlds Put Together' as one of the Best Albums of 2014 “A warmly swinging showcase for his breathy, Ben Webster-esque flow,” said Time Out New York. "Parker succeeds admirably in demonstrating an abiding reverence for jazz’s heritage without being overly shackled by its conventions." ​said Hot House It’s time to make the acquaintance of this rising star, who'll be performing with bassist Alan Hampton and drummer Reggie Quinerly.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Tuesday,  Feb 17 - 6:00PM 
Drew Williams, bass clarinet;  Marta Sanchez, piano;  Keisuke Matsuno, electric guitar;  Jesse Bielenberg, acoustic bass;  Jason Burger, drums;  Brad Mulholland, alto saxophone;  Eric Trudel, tenor saxophone;  Danny Gouker, trumpet;  Karl Lyden, trombone
The Drew Williams Nonet image
The Drew Williams Nonet plays creative, original music that channels the spontaneity of jazz and the progressive abandon of modern concert music into the traditions of American rock and folk music. They are planning on recording their debut album in the spring.

"Drew Williams is a musician who looks to find his inspiration among the tension that exists between improvisation and composition. The compositions that emerge from his pen encapsulate elements heard in all of the greatest jazz tunes: melodies that are singable while being subtly complex, and harmonies that are challenging without being alienating. They serve as wonderful vehicles to illuminate his beautifully edgy improvisational style on the tenor saxophone. Drew is doing invaluable work that is pushing jazz forward and keeping the music relevant among a younger audience. His work will no doubt inspire other musicians to instill life into a style of music that many consider is approaching its expiration date. Now more than ever, we need people like Drew Williams!" -Alan Ferber, Trombonist and Composer (Esperanza Spalding, Sufjan Stevens, John Hollenbeck, Dr. Dre)

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Tuesday,  Feb 17 - 8:30PM 
Nick Sanders, piano;  Henry Fraser, bass;  Connor Baker, drums
Nick Sanders Trio CD Release: You Are A Creature image

Pianist Nick Sanders christened his second CD, You Are a Creature, with a head-scratcher of a title, but his virtuosity and vision couldn’t be more clear on the music within. Throughout the album’s concise but idea-packed thirteen tracks, Sanders continues to hone and evolve his distinctive voice as an instrumentalist and composer as well as the unique collective identity of his trio with bassist Henry Fraser and drummer Connor Baker. Produced by world renowned pianist and composer Fred Hersch and due out February 17 on Sunnyside Records, You Are a Creature offers further evidence of a major new voice on the modern jazz scene.

“All sorts of precursors pour through Sanders’ fingers: the pointillist touches of the Second Viennese school, the polytonal counterpoint of Darius Milhaud, the hard swing of Horace Silver, the watery texture of Bill Evans, the quartal harmonies of Herbie Hancock, the wide-handed chordal palette of Brad Mehldau, the atonal flights of Cecil Taylor, the stylistic collisions of Charles Ives. His compositions state a complex motivic figure that he shifts suddenly and rhythmically, so its melodic mark drains from memory. The idea, bolstered by his trio, feels like endless invention.” -Guernica

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Wednesday,  Feb 18 - 6:00PM 
Shelley Stenhouse Frazier Russell Henrietta Weekes
Beautiful Victims Tour: A Reading image

Three writers: fiction and poetry: new works and old!

 $8.00 includes a drink 

Wednesday,  Feb 18 - 8:30PM 
Remy Le Boeuf, alto sax;  Pascal Le Boeuf, piano;  Ben Wendel, tenor sax;  Linda Oh, bass;  Peter Kronreif, drums

By fusing their firm jazz roots with a fresh and forward-thinking blend of indie-rock and contemporary classical music, the Le Boeuf Brothers have developed an energetic sound that is intelligent, hip, and relevant to today's audiences. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, identical twin brothers Remy & Pascal Le Boeuf—saxophone & piano respectively—moved to New York in 2004 where they established their prominent musical voices as performers and composers. They are best known for their innovative compositional projects, which span as broadly stylistically as they do collaboratively. The New York Times describes them as “musically precocious twins” whose music captures “the gleaming cosmopolitanism of our present era.”

"A rich brand of modern jazz, with performances and compositions that display an impressive level of sophistication. Textured harmonies and shifting time signatures are handled with aplomb." - The San Francisco Chronicle

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Thursday,  Feb 19 - 6:00PM 
Matthew Paiton, host

The Greenwich Series image

Having been a success for over a year in London, The Greenwich Series team are coming to New York. At The Greenwich Series, things are done a little differently. Four or five unrelated speakers are given ten minutes to share their story, expertise or whatever it is they are passionate about, with no set theme or topic.

 $10.00 includes a drink

Thursday,  Feb 19 - 8:30PM 
Matt Brewer, bass;  Steve Lehman, alto sax;  Kyle Wilson, tenor sax;  Lage Lund, guitar;  Craig Weibrib, drums
Matthew Brewer leads an all star band comprised of some of the top young players in the contemporary New York jazz scene.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Matt Brewer Quintet image
Friday,  Feb 20 - 6:00PM 
hosted by Gordon Gilbert

Beat Writers : Ginsberg image
Howl! Y’All !

The first in a series of readings of the beat generation writers

A celebration of Allen Ginsberg’s life and poetry

with personal remembrances and a reading of a selection of his works

by local NYC poets & writers: Robert Gibbons, Heidi Schwartz, Mireya Perez

J.L. Diamond, Valery Oisteanu, Bob Quatrone, Barry Wallenstein

Ron Kolm, Eliot Katz, Jane LeCroy, Cindy Hochman, Megan DiBello

There will be drawings for several books of Allen Ginsberg's poetry.
 $ 8 includes a drink, food menu available 

Friday,  Feb 20 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
Gilad Hekselman, guitar;  Jean-Michel Pilc, piano;  Gokce Erem, violin;  Maria Manousaki, violin, viola;  Peter Kiral, viola;  Colin Stokes, viola;  Petros Klampanis, bass, looper
Petros Klampanis, Contextual image
CONTEXTUALgroup returns at Cornelia street Cafe with original music and covers played in a exploratory yet lyrical way, by a string 4tet, piano, guitar, double bass & percussion.

The experience is vivid: following Klampanis’ conceptions throughout the night, the styles mingling with complimentary undertones, one will always be engaged and in anticipation of what’s next. No matter what instrumentation used, and whether playing a jazz standard, traditional Greek folk song, or Paul McCartney tune, the outcome is always breathtaking.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum


Saturday,  Feb 21 - 6:00PM 
Rebeca Vallejo, curator and host

Andreas Arnold, flamenco guitar;  Petros Klampanis, double bass;  Jose Moreno, percussion, vocals
The Flame: Flamenco Infused Jazz: Andreas Arnold image

World Music Boutique Productions presents 'The Flame: Flamenco Infused Jazz' monthly concert series. Curated and hosted by Rebeca Vallejo, showcasing the work of Andreas Arnold

Arnold and his international trio will perform a selection of original music from the album Mosaico (2012) and an upcoming work. Traditional flamenco forms (Alegrias, Fandango de Huelva, Bulerias…) are getting, harmonically and conceptually, expanded and allow for Jazz improvisation while maintaining a strong flamenco aire and compas, the rhythm and heartbeat of flamenco.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Saturday,  Feb 21 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
Jon Irabagon, tenor sax;  Bob Stewart, tuba;  Barry Altschul, drums
Jon Irabagon Trio image

The longstanding duo of Jon Irabagon and Barry Altschul welcome tubist Bob Stewart for tonight's special Cornelia St concert. Mr. Stewart and Mr. Altschul played together for many years in Arthur Blythe's group, and here they will be playing some originals, standards and free improvisations.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Sunday,  Feb 22 - 6:00PM 
Natalie Fabian, vocals;  Benny Reid, sax;  Andrew Baird, guitar;  Pete Coco, bass;  Chris Thaw, drums;  Emily Wolf, vocals, composition;  Satish Robertson, trumpet;  Dorota Piotrowska, drums;  Eva Lawitts, bass
Majk Quartet and the Emily Wolf Project- double bill image

"The Magc Quartet brings a fresh twist to traditional Jazz with clever arrangements of pop, and rock classics, as well as vocal standards. The groups performance dynamic and musical interplay is fun, charming and energetic. The repertoire is both fun for the casual listener and interesting for the serious Jazz fan."

To follow, Vocalist Emily Wolf's Original Material and choice covers embody Jazz, Neo Soul and Reggae elements. Her Project comprises some of New York's finest up and coming players, and the result is electric and toe tapping. "Rich, Sly and Bluesy Vocals... deserving of the "One-to-watch" Tag -JazzInside Magazine

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Sunday,  Feb 22 - 8:30PM 
Rafal Sarnecki, guitar;  Lucas Pino, tenor sax;  Bogna Kicinska, voice;  Adam Birnbaum, piano;  Desmond White, bass;  Jimmy Macbride, drums

New York based guitarist and composer Rafal Sarnecki will perform compositions from his latest album "Cat's Dream" which has been released recently by the Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records. His sextet features some of the most in-demand musicians on the NYC jazz scene.

"The Polish jazz guitarist Rafal Sarnecki casts a wide net. It's possible to hear minimalist classical, Latin dance, and folk—both American and Eastern European—in his music. Its foundation, however, is one of sturdy, smart, thoroughly contemporary jazz. Sarnecki is a composer, with a skillful touch at dramatic tension and pacing within his involved but highly melodic tunes" - Washington City Paper

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

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