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Saturday,  Aug 02 - 6:00PM 
Alan Baxter, MC

David Elsasser Mindy Matijasevic Peggy Fitzgerald Patricia Carragon Eugene Ring Madeline Artenberg Paul Knopf, jazz piano;  Cleopatra Amaris, sword dancer;  and Evie Ivy, dancer
Dance of the Word: Celebrating Summer image

Dance, Poetry and Music

Paul Knopf legendary jazz pianist will collaborate with Evie Ivy in a belly dance/Spanish fan dance fusion of “Granada.”

The poem to be danced will be “Memories of a Summer” by Mary Askin-Jencsik, from “The Venetian Hour” poetry anthology.

 $15.00 includes a drink 

Saturday,  Aug 02 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
Ingrid Laubrock, tenor, soprano saxophone;  Mary Halvorson, guitar;  Kris Davis, piano;  John Hebert, bass;  Tom Rainey, drums
Mary Halvorson Fest.: Ingrid Laubrock’s Anti-House image
Ingrid Laubrock’s superb quintet delivers a quicksilver mixture of composition and improvisation. The range of approaches, textures, densities, and movement heard, sometimes within each single piece, is one of the most satisfying qualities of Laubrock’s music. Her sponge-like imagination seems boundless.

“An intriguing confluence of strong players.” Michael Rosenstein/Signal to Noise

$20 cover includes a drink


Sunday,  Aug 03 - 6:00PM 
Gary Heidt Kyungmi Lee and guests
Perceiver of Sound League image


What is more real, the letter "A" or vinyl siding? Gary Heidt conducts a guided tour of the contradictory nature of our experience of reality in-between tragic songs of doomed love. Along the way we'll consider Gertrude Stein's masterpiece TENDER BUTTONS, the tax status of arts organizations, and a transgender bodhisattva.

 $8.00 includes a drink

Sunday,  Aug 03 - 8:30PM 
Mary Halvorson, guitar;  Jon Irabagon, tenor sax
Mary Halvorson Fest.: Mary Halvorson and Jon Irabagon- Solos and Duos image Peter Gannushkin

Guitarist Mary Halvorson and saxophonist Jon Irabagon will present an evening of solo and duo performances.

Guitarist/composer Mary Halvorson has been called “NYC’s least-predictable improviser” (Howard Mandel, City Arts), “the most forward-thinking guitarist working right now” (Lars Gotrich, and “one of today’s most formidable bandleaders” (Francis Davis, Village Voice). In addition to her longstanding trio, featuring bassist John Hébert and drummer Ches Smith, and her quintet, which adds trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson and alto saxophonist Jon Irabagon, Ms. Halvorson co-leads a chamber-jazz duo with violist Jessica Pavone, the avant-rock band People and the collective ensembles Thumbscrew and Secret Keeper. She is also an active member of bands led by Tim Berne, Anthony Braxton, Taylor Ho Bynum, Trevor Dunn, Tomas Fujiwara, Curtis Hasselbring, Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Rainey, Mike Reed and Marc Ribot, among others.

Saxophonist Jon Irabagon, winner of the 2008 Thelonious Monk Saxophone Competition, is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and is a founding member of the terrorist bebop band Mostly Other People do the Killing. He also plays in the bands of Mary Halvorson, Mike Pride, Dave Douglas and the Hot Club of Detroit, along with his own projects. Jon launched his own label in November, Irabbagast Records, with the release of two albums: "I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues Volume 2: Appalachian Haze" with Mike Pride and Mick Barr, and "Outright! Unhinged" with Ralph Alessi, Jacob Sacks, John Hebert and Tom Rainey, which received a rare 5-star masterpiece rating from Downbeat Magazine.
 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Monday,  Aug 04 - 6:00PM 
Tulis McCall, host

Monologues & Madness image
Original Monologues. No slamming, no judges, just great material, excellent actors and YOU. Come See These Amazing Daredevils Perform Without a Net!!!

 $10 includes a drink (my god what a bargain!)

Monday,  Aug 04 - 8:30PM 
David Amram, piano, french horn, flutes, composition & surprises;  Kevin Twigg, drums, glockenspiel;  Rene Hart, bass;  Elliot Peper, bongos;  Robbie Winterhawk, congas
AMRAM & CO image
This series explores in his highly personable, generous and informal style the astonishing variety of David Amram's interests and accomplishments--renowned composer of symphonic classical music, jazz compositions, improvisation, spoken word, scat, he sits at the piano, schmoozes about music, about the greats, the beats, the obscure, the legendary; plays the French horn, pulls out all kinds of instruments (flutes, drums, horns) gathered from his many circumnavigations of the globe, pulls in guests drawn from just about every artistic walk of life.

Tonight with special guest poet Frank Messina reading his NY Mets poetry. The show will be filmed for a movie on the 1986 Mets, directed by Heather Quinlan.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Tuesday,  Aug 05 - 6:00PM 
Jennifer Rawlings:

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum
Tuesday,  Aug 05 - 8:30PM 
Aakash Mittal, sax;  Rez Abbasi, guitar;  Anjna Swaminathan, violin;  Rajna Swaminathan, mrudangam;  Tyshawn Sorey, drums
Carnatic Festival: Awaz Quintet image

Stemming from Indian and American improvisation, the Awaz Quintet employs colorful dissonances, meditative silences, and angular rhythms to express global identity. The sounds of West Bengal collide with Carnatic ragas and New York City beats to create music that is at once steeped in tradition and distinctly modern.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Wednesday,  Aug 06 - 6:00PM 
performed by Richard Hoehler

written by RJ Bartholomew directed by Janice L. Goldberg
I Of The Storm image

OOBR Award winning Richard Hoehler performs the debut of I OF THE STORM by RJ Bartholomew celebrating the days and ways of a man who has lost it all and found himself. Ensconced on the street outside a city park our hero holds forth for all comers – musing, ranting, singing, dancing and spitting poems with aplomb. A comic tragedian, an Everyman on steroids, a Superman who does not leap tall buildings at a single bound, but takes them one story at a time. "If I am what I have and if I lose what I have who then am I?" (Erich Fromm) Directed by Kennedy Center Gold Medallion Award winner Janice L. Goldberg.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Wednesday,  Aug 06 - 8:30PM 
Anupam Shobakar, sarod;  Nitin Mitta, tabla
Carnatic Festival: Anupam Shobakar image

Anupam Shobhakar, is an Indian musician, composer, instrumentalist, record producer, and classically trained sarodist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Shobhakar lists his guru Aashish Khan, and his grandfather, Ustad Allaudin Khan (guru to Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan), as his main playing style influences: "Slightly aggressive in approach, but never at the cost of the melodic charm." Anupam is a leading Hindustani musician in the US.

Accompanying on tabla will be Nitin Mitta. Mitta is one of the most accomplished and distinctive tabla players of his generation, with a reputation for technical virtuosity, spontaneity, clarity of tone, and sensitivity to melodic nuances.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Thursday,  Aug 07 - 6:00PM 
Robin, Angelo, Josh, and Tom, hosts

Artists’ Salon image
What's all this fuss about "The Salon?"

This is a monthly opportunity for artists associated with the cafe--from every genre and every generation, past, present, and future--to gather informally, schmooze, re-invent the world, and hoist a glass of quelque chose (the only kind of chose to hoist). Our glorious curators are present, you can buttonhole them to find out what's cooking, you can introduce yourself to other toilers in the vineyard, invent projects and discover collaborators.

Finger food on us, drinks available. All are welcome.
 food on us, drinks on you 

Thursday,  Aug 07 - 8:30PM 
Bala Skandan, mridangam;  Arun Ramamurthy, violin;  Jay Gandhi, bansuri;  Nitin Mitta, tabla
Carnatic Festival: Akshara image

Akshara is an exciting new percussion-based group rooted in Indian classical musical traditions. Comprised of virtuosic performers in Carnatic and Hindustani classical genres, Akshara performs an energetic blend of classical Indian melody and rhythm highlighted with solo and scale-based improvisations. The group performs original compositions by Bala Skandan, demonstrating the powerful and complex rhythmic structures inherent in South Indian classical music.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Friday,  Aug 08 - 6:00PM 
John McWhorter, host and musical director

Diana Bertolini, vocals;  Diranne Cove, vocals;  Ivis Fundichely, vocals
John McWhorter's New Faces! image

THREE LADIES: GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS AT CORNELIA STREET. Please come witness a one-time opportunity to hear three of my favorite singers to work with -- Diana Bertolini, Diranne Cove, and Ivis Fundichely -- doing their magic with four songs each, plus, of course, a beautiful trio. We will, along the way, cover every decade of American musical theatre music from the teens through to the 2000s, with all numbers, as always, arranged to fit the singers and be listenable in our times. If Facebook is any guide this one is already almost sold out, so do plan to come see us as soon as you can.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Friday,  Aug 08 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
Chris Lightcap, bass;  Curtis Hasselbring, guitar;  Jonathan Goldbrger, guitar;  Dan Rieser, drums
Superette image

Superette is a new band featuring Chris Lightcap on bass guitar, Curtis Hasselbring and Jonathan Goldberger on guitars and Dan Rieser on drums. Lightcap (best known for his work with Craig Taborn, Matt Wilson, Regina Carter and his critically acclaimed supergroup Bigmouth) conceived the group to be a new spin on the the often-neglected classic instrumental rock outfit. Each member is a fearless improvisor with vast experience across the entire spectrum of contemporary music. Together they explore the nexus of surf, west african music, garage and beyond. Performing original music as well as covers of Skip Spence, Tom Verlaine, Link Wray and others.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Saturday,  Aug 09 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
Kris Davis, piano;  Michael Formanek, bass;  Billy Drummond, drums
Kris Davis Trio Plays Standards image
Pianist-Composer Kris Davis’s residency at Cornelia Street Cafe

"Over the last couple of years in New York, one method for deciding where to hear jazz on a given night has been to track down the pianist Kris Davis." — The New York Times

Kris Davis – a pianist-composer who offers “uncommon creative adventure,” says JazzTimes – can be heard at Cornelia Street Café the first Saturday of August through December as part of an ongoing residency at the Café.

Davis has become a vital presence on the New York jazz scene, with The New York Times featuring her in a recent article titled “New Pilots at the Keyboard.” In addition to her commission from the Jazz Gallery in 2013, she received a grant from the Shifting Foundation to compose and record a large-ensemble project. Davis has performed with such top figures as Paul Motian, Eric Revis, Andrew Cyrille, Tim Berne, Bill Frisell, John Hollenbeck, Kermit Driscoll, Michael Formanek, and Ralph Alessi. Davis started playing piano at age 6, studying classical music through the Royal Conservatory in Canada and formulating her desire for a life in music by playing in the school jazz band at age 12. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Piano from the University of Toronto. The pianist received a Canada Council grant to relocate to New York and study composition with Jim McNeely, then another to study extended piano techniques with Benoit Delbecq in Paris. She holds a master’s in Classical Composition from the City College of New York, and she teaches at the School for Improvised Music. About her art, JazzTimes has declared: “Davis draws you in so effortlessly that the brilliance of what she’s doing doesn’t hit you until the piece has slipped past you.”

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

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