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Friday,  Jan 05 - 6:00PM 
Kat Georges, Peter Carlaftes, hosts

Mike Daisey George Wallace Richard Vetere Michael Puzzo Puma Perl Diane O’Debra
The 11th Annual  CHARLES BUKOWSKI Memorial Reading image

Come and celebrate the turning of the New Year with Three Rooms Press for the Eleventh Annual Charles Bukowski Memorial Reading! The highly anticipated yearly event is hosted by Three Rooms Press co-direcotrs Kat Georges and Peter Carlaftes and features a collection of poetry, oral history, rare videos, and readings from various authors.

Held since 2008, the event will feature performances of Bukowski poems and tales by a unique cast of talented fans including famed monologist Mike Daisey, world-renowned poet George Wallace, playwright/novelist Richard Vetere (Champagne and Cocaine), playwright Michael Puzzo (Spirits of Exit Eleven), poet Puma Perl (Retrograde), and performance artist Diane O’Debra.

Charles Bukowski was considered the champion of the outsiders, the lost, the lonely, and the outcasts of society. His work is still vividly relevant today. Overall, Bukowski wrote about the human condition, something that can be applied to any time period regardless of changes in technology, politics, or societal conflict.

 $15.00 includes a drink

Friday,  Jan 05 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Gilad Hekselman, guitar;  Shai Maestro, keyboards
Hekselfest: Gilad Hekselman & Shai Maestro image

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum

Saturday,  Jan 06 - 6:00PM 
Andy Christie, host; Brad Lawrence, guest host

Cyndi Freeman Gary Levitt Andy Ross Jeff Simmermon
The Liar Show image

Seek Truth. Get a T-Shirt.

4 Storytellers, 3 True Stories, 1 Pack of Lies. Uncover the liar and win a prize worth its weight in fool's gold!

Tonight The Liar Show welcomes stories from CYNDI FREEMAN (The Moth; Hotsy Totsy Burlesque), GARY LEVITT (Upright Citizens Brigade), ANDY ROSS (The Onion News Network), and JEFF SIMMERMON (This American Life).

With Guest Host BRAD LAWRENCE - Moth GrandSlam Champion

"They can lie to me all night long!" - The New York Times

"Christie & Co. make dishonesty fun again." - TimeOut New York

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Saturday,  Jan 06 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Gilad Hekselman, guitar;  Aaron Parks, keyboards;  Kendrick Scott, drums
Hekselfest: ZuperOctave image

"ZuperOctave is an exploration of sound and space. After establishing his sound in the classic jazz trio and quartet, Hekselman goes exploring with a bass-less semi-electronic band employing some of his old songs and adding some especially written ones to the repertoire."

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum

Sunday,  Jan 07 - 6:00PM 
Roald Hoffman, Dave Soldier, hosts

Matthew Herman, mathematician;  Stephon Alexander , cosmologist;  Melvin Gibbs, musician

The modern world would be entirely different without the contributions of French Revolutionary physicist/mathematician Joseph Fourier. Matthew Herman, mathematician and musician, will take us on a journey of Fourier’s impact on art and science. Music and MRI, harmony and Hedy Lamarr, analysis of the genome, USA spying on the Soviet Union, and more!

Music! Matt, along with cosmologist and author of the critically acclaimed The Jazz of Physics, Stephon Alexander and Grammy-nominated bassist Melvin Gibbs will demonstrate Fourier’s thesis with drums, saxophone, and bass guitar. Drums, in particular, pose challenges that are fundamentally different from melodic instruments; how are emotion, groove, and musical expression evoked from these noise-like devices? Some great music will come our way.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Sunday,  Jan 07 - 8:00PM 
Davy Lazar, trumpet, comp.;  David Leon, alto sax;  Matt Mitchell, piano;  Ben Rolston, bass;  Stephen Boegehold, drums
Davy Lazar Quintet image

Davy Lazar's catalog of new quartet music, Birds of Augury, is a constantly evolving series of compositions modeled after scenes in a surrealist narrative he is writing to mirror emotional landmarks in his life. Utilizing a chordless instrumentation is vital to the harmonically orbital, guttural nature of this project. Pulling and molding from influences such as Bartok, Mingus, Ligeti, Feldman, and Roscoe Mitchell, Lazar aims to create a boundary-less totality of his voice as a composer and improviser. Textural explosions, chorale-like moments of solace, soaring melodies, powerful rhythmic hocketing & exploratory noise all comprise the mysterious and spacious sonic zone throughout "Birds of Augury"

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum    http://

Sunday,  Jan 07 - 9:30PM 
Gaya Feldheim Schorr, voice;  Davy Lazar, trumpet;  Blake Opper, tenor sax;  Tal Yahalom, guitar;  Micha Gilad, piano;  Almog Sharvit, bass;  Stephen Boegehold, drums
Gaya Feldheim Schorr Septet image

Born in the heart of Tel - Aviv, jazz musician and vocalist Gaya Feldheim- Schorr was introduced to music at home. Her mother, a multi-media artist, brought her up to be highly receptive to diversity and acquainted with a multitude of musical genres and eras, all coming to form the musical fiber of her artistic palate. Drawing from her vast repertoire and wide ranging skillset, Gaya is creating her own space in the shifting and unrelenting flow of the New York jazz scene. Through her unique tastes and her deft arranging skills, Gaya creates projects that both defy classification and celebrate great musical traditions. She takes on various musical matter from pieces she has felt connected to at different points in her life, spanning classical, jazz, singer songwriter, and indie rock, and reimagines them both through new orchestration, arrangement and improvisation. Her current project presents an arch surrounding a recurring theme of Benjamin Britten's choral work "A Ceremony of Carols", with jazz standards, Israeli folk, and contemporary songwriter pieces interspersed.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Monday,  Jan 08 - 6:00PM 
Tulis McCall, host

Monologues & Madness image

Original Monologues. No slamming, no judges, just great material, excellent actors and YOU. Come See These Amazing Daredevils Perform Without a Net!!!

 $15.00 includes a drink 

Monday,  Jan 08 - 8:00 & 9:30pm 
Rich Perry, tenor sax;  Aaron Goldberg, piano;  Clarence Penn, drums;  Michael Blanco, bass
Michael Blanco Quartet image

Bassist and composer Michael Blanco returns to the Cornelia Street Cafe with an all-star line up of collaborators: veteran tenor saxophonist Rich Perry, pianist Aaron Goldberg and master drummer Clarence Penn. The quartet will be supporting their new album release Spirit Forward on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records, and will be performing compositions praised by Jazz Times magazine for their "dusky, imploring quality, with catchy, insistent hooks and compelling harmonies".

"Sporting a rich, dark sound on the bass, Michael Blanco has been a highly sought-after talent since arriving in New York in 2000. A gifted bassist whose muscular lines are matched by lyrical upper register work on his solos, Michael particularly shines as a composer."--Seton Hawkins, Hot House Magazine

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Tuesday,  Jan 09 - 6:00PM 
Barbara Aliprantis, host

Robert Basey Jim Hawkins Sheryl Marshall Elizabeth Rowe
New York Story Exchange image


Featured stories by Robert Basey, Jim Hawkins, Sheryl Marshall, Elizabeth Rowe

Have a 5-minute story to tell? Sign up for our 5-for-5 open mic!

 $10.00 includes a drink 

Tuesday,  Jan 09 - 8:00PM 
Deborah Latz, curator

Kari van der Kloot, voice;  Lisanne Tremblay, violin;  Jamie Reynolds, piano;  Gary Wang, bass;  Nathan Ellman-Bell, drums
Voxecstatic: Kari van der Kloot Quintet image

Canadian vocalist and composer Kari van der Kloot has a unique vocal sound that has been described as “ethereal” and “bell-like”. Her thoughtful compositions and arrangements show an intensely personal commitment to the lyrics and music: every word is felt deeply and honestly, and the music is intricate while leaving room for each band member to express themselves. Kari has performed throughout the United States, Canada and South Korea.

Kari's debut album “Seedling” was released in the fall of 2016.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Tuesday,  Jan 09 - 9:30PM 
Deborah Latz, curator

Hiske Oosterwijk, voice;  Misha Tsyganov, piano;  Boris Kozlov, bass;  Donald Edwards, drums;  special guest Ivan Baryshnikov, tenor sax

‘Inhale a peaceful breeze, then exhale the love calm’

This is a sentence out of one of the lyrics Hiske Oosterwijk wrote to Alex Spipiagin’s music. It’s her vision towards singing. ‘I breathe in and every note and sound comes with love’. When she sings she wants to touch the audience, inspire them, entertain them. 
Hiske brings her quartet to Cornelia Street for a set of arrangements on jazz standards and original compositions.

Hiske Oosterwijk (1989) is a jazz vocalist, born and raised in Friesland, NL. She’s been working for several years with Alex Sipiagin in the New Path Quintet with whom she toured a lot around the world and released 2 albums, the third is on its way. Hiske also released her own album ‘Embraser Vivre Aimer’ in September 2016 with the band EVA with whom she won the 2017 Concours de la Chanson.

‘I’ve experienced a driven, very motivated and hardworking musician. Always eager to learn and grow to a higher musical level.’ – Alex Sipiagin

‘Hiske is voice-technically very strong and this appears in her performance and repertoire, where you can see a flexible and versatile vocalist.’ – Leeuwarder Courant

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Wednesday,  Jan 10 - 6:00PM 
Vicki Burns, vocals;  Art Hirahara, piano;  Sam Bevan, bass
The Vicki Burns Trio image

The Vicki Burns Trio featuring Art Hirahara on piano and Sam Bevan on bass returns to Cornelia Street Cafe!

The performance will feature rarely done standards and fresh original music in preparation for an upcoming recording later in 2018!

After making New York City her home in 2009, Vicki has performed at such venues as Birdland, The Iridium, The Metropolitan Room, Jazz at the Kitano, Zinc Bar, The Cupping Room Cafe, North Square and a three year long residency at the elegant Lexington Hotel. Known for her the beauty of her tone and her powerful 3 octave range, Vicki Burns brings her soulful interpretations of rarely done standards from the Great American Songbook and original music back to Cornelia Street Cafe with the duo of Art Hirahara on piano, and bassist Sam Bevan who is currently writing new arrangements for Vicki’s upcoming recording in late fall of 2018.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Wednesday,  Jan 10 - 8:00 & 9:30pm 
Ethan Iverson, piano;  Michael Formanek, bass;  Vinnie Sperrazza, drums;  Kyle Nasser, tenor sax
Nasser/Sperrazza Quartet  image

Nasser and Sperrazza explore diverse original compositions with two modern masters rounding out the quartet: Ethan Iverson and Michael Formanek.

“[Nasser possesses] superlative musicianship as a performer, writer and a bandleader…ardent creativity and urbane artistic composure” – Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

"Sperrazza, like Elvin, is a master of polyrhythms and but deploys them in hidden, tactical ways...maintaining the balance between the mainstream and the mad scientist modes." - S. Victor Aaron, Something Else

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Thursday,  Jan 11 - 6:00PM 
Ian Singleton Natalya Sukhonos Anton Yakovlev Cal Freeman Michael Collins
Five Live: An Evening of Engaging Readings image

Join us for a night of readings featuring Ian Singleton, Natalya Sukhonos, Anton Yakovlev, Cal Freeman, and Michael Collins -- an array of talents, forms and styles, not to be missed!

 $10.00 includes a drink 

Thursday,  Jan 11 - 8:00PM 
George Garzone, tenor sax;  Colin Stranahan, drums

This is a new project for George, and Colin. The two have played together in many different situation. Through playing in these situation they have found there to be deep chemistry musically. Join as this duo plays publicly for the first time.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

APAP Fest: George Garzone/Colin Stranahan Duo image
Thursday,  Jan 11 - 9:30PM 
Glenn Zaleski, piano;  Rick Rosato, bass;  Colin Stranahan, drums
APAP Fest: Stranahan/Zaleski/Rosato  image

The leaderless trio will be back at Cornelia St. Cafe after a week long tour in the USA. Playing all new music in preparation for a new recording this summer. Since te release of their second album, Limitless, the three gentleman have become some of the most active players in NYC with support of the likes of Dr. Lonnie Smith, Billy Hart, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jonathan Kreisberg, Gilad Hekselman, Ari Hoenig, Peter Bernstein. Come out and support this beautiful night of music!!

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Friday,  Jan 12 - 6:00PM 
Barry Wallenstein, poetry;  Alan Rosenthal, piano;  Ken Filiano, bass;  Robert Silverman, trumpet;  Jeremy Carlstedt, drums;  Vincent Chancey, french horn;  Gilbert King Elisa, guest poet
An Evening of Song, Poetry, and Music image

 10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum; $10.00 total for students 
Friday,  Jan 12 - 8:30PM 
Dayna Stephens, saxophone;  Dan Kaufman, piano;  Peter Slavov, bass;  Mark McLean, drums
APAP Fest: Peter Slavov Quartet image

Better known as a sideman with Joe Lovano, George Garzone, Alfredo Rodriguez and others, bassist Peter Slavov has been writing music since his early days as a professional musician. He and his quartet will be performing some of this music, as well as new music written for the occasion.

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum

Friday,  Jan 12 - 10:00PM 
Yotam Silberstein, guitar;  Sam Yahel, piano;  Matt Penman, bass;  Ofri Nehemya, drums
APAP Fest: Yotam Silberstein Quartet image

In between world tours, yotam silberstein and the band return to CSC with some exciting new music.

"Yotam Silberstein improvises in a cutting tone and writes heady original tunes that seem to tug the straight- ahead jazz tradition in new direction." -- NY times

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum

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